Drivers training, events, location, service -
together we reach your new milestone.

Together with you over the target line -
safe, reliable and qualified

Twisting sections, sloping passages or mud-gravel-water passages - no challenge is too big for us. Qualified driving trainers show you what is important and how to increase your driving level.

Whether onroad or offroad - with the right training, whether in a group or in individual coaching, you will always reach your goal - we will show you how.

You would like to present your vehicle in action in the context of a product presentation? We design and prepare each track according to your wishes and requirements.

will gladly support you!
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driving training

OEM driver qualifications

  • Onroad
  • Offroad
  • Individual coaching
  • Conception
  • (OEM)Certification


  • Instructor explains the vehicle to customers
  • dirty off road cars in Munich
  • five offroad vehicles in a row
  • Off road vehicle drives up ramp

Create lasting impressions

  • Product presentations
  • Market launches
  • Roadshows
  • Trade fairs
  • Press Events
  • Public Events
  • B2B / B2C
  • Dealer events
  • Incentives
  • Guest Management
The art of driving: to be the fastest as slowly as possible. Emerson Fittipaldi

Test drives

Only the strong ones will reach the destination

  • Test drives
  • Endurance run
  • Final acceptance tests
  • Documentation
  • Transmission adaptation
  • Prototype evaluation
  • Off road vehicle drives through mud
  • Off road vehicle drives through dirt
  • View on off road vehicle in curve from behind
  • Off road vehicle drives through water

Fleet Management

  • Off road vehicle tows tractor
  • Off road vehicle on the lake shore
  • Off road vehicle is loaded
  • Man talking into radio

Local and Global

  • Vehicle logistics
  • Vehicle treatment
  • Technical support
  • Vehicle handling
  • Administration
  • Repair management
  • Data evaluation
Aerial view Ineos Grenadier Off-road vehicle in the headlights Off-road vehicle drives through water Off-road vehicle drives through mud


Unique, no matter where

  • Scouting
  • Negotiation
  • Logistics
  • Event Setup
  • Route planning
  • Off-road-constructions
  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Care


  • Off road vehicle in front of ferry
  • Dining room with campfire
  • Off road camping in the desert
  • Off road vehicle in front of wooden hut

You wish, we play

  • Your requirements
  • Your needs
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Customer-oriented
  • Customized
  • Professional